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The three-day conference theme is Focus on The Farm - Focus on The Farmer - Focus on The Future.
We start with a focus on technical and financial assistance programs including farm planning, farm loans, high tunnels, forest management and a farmer-led Problem-Solving Roundtable.
Next, we focus on topics that personally impact the life of the farmer to include mental health; occupational hazards; and mentorship programs. We also hear from Farmer of the Year winners about what makes their operations a national success story and how they balance farming and life.
We conclude with a look to the future, providing training on wills, estate planning and heirs' property; a review of trends within the agricultural census data; a student-led panel on the future of agriculture; and a report from the Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers Policy Research Center.

Your agriculture and forest management decisions can help fight climate change. It can be complicated. Join this webinar to better understand carbon, carbon offsets, carbon markets and how management practices you may already be doing could generate a source of revenue for your operation.

Urban or rural? Large or small? Organic or nonorganic? If you've thought of being a farmer but don't know where to start, join this virtual workshop and meet the resources that can provide answers to your questions. These condensed presentations will help get you started.

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