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Nikki and Natalie Jefferies Minority Landowner Magazine Farmers of the Year

Natalie and Nikki Jefferies

Jefferies Sisters

Sanford, North Carolina

Forest landowners play a critical role in managing and protecting our natural resources. Their stewardship of forests can provide various benefits, from protecting wildlife habitats to sequestering carbon to providing recreational opportunities. Here are some of the outstanding accomplishments of forest landowners Nikki and Natalie Jefferies:


1.     Sustainable forestry: In 2022, Nikki and Natalie developed their first forest management plan. They have adopted sustainable forestry practices, which involve managing forests to balance environmental, social and economic needs. These practices include selective harvesting, reforestation and protecting biodiversity.

2.     Forest conservation: Nikki and Natalie have significantly contributed to forest conservation efforts by preserving their forests and protecting critical wildlife habitats.

3.     Carbon sequestration: Forests are important carbon sinks, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in trees and soil. Nikki and Natalie have played a crucial role in mitigating climate change by managing their forests to maximize carbon sequestration.

4.     Community engagement: Nikki and Natalie use their ancestral forest land as a gathering space for hosting community events throughout the year. They engage with their community to promote sustainable forestry practices and educate people about the importance of forests.

5.     Legacy: Nikki and Natalie understand the importance of preserving their family legacy. In 2022, they put their forestland into a family trust.


Nikki and Natalie have contributed significantly to forest management and conservation. Through their efforts, they have helped to protect our natural resources, mitigate climate change and provide a range of benefits to society.


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